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Thanks for visiting Liechty Media. We are media strategists serving advertisers and advertising agencies with insightful, data-driven media planning and buying services.

Our website is undergoing an overhaul and update, and we hope to share more soon! In the meantime, feel free to contact us at or phone 260-422-1369.

About Us

Welcome to Liechty Media. We are experienced, dedicated media advertising strategists, planners, and buyers. We work with advertisers and advertising agency partners to design and implement smart, cost effective, and targeted media plans that build brands and drive traffic.

Since opening our doors in 2001, Liechty Media has served as northern Indiana's only full-service media planning and buying provider. Our firm provides strategic media planning for national, regional and local advertisers and agencies.

Lisa Liechty
Todd Steele
Account & Business Manager
Donna Fulkerson
Media Coordinator


At Liechty Media, we serve our clients by providing research, planning, buying, trafficking, monitoring of buys placed, media invoice audit and post-buy analysis.

If you're an agency, we serve as your media department, working as a team with you and your client. Or, if you prefer, we can remain behind the scenes, providing you with the insight and resources to present media plans and buys to your client.

If you're an advertiser, Liechty Media will develop and coordinate media plans, placement and traffic with your creative resources, whether they be in-house or with an agency. Our media expertise allows you to concentrate on your core business strengths — doing the work you know best.

Markets & Media

The markets we buy for our clients span as wide as the North American continent, and as focused as a single ZIP code. Tactics include the full spectrum of traditional media — television, radio, out-of-home, and print — as well as digital and social media platforms. Plans and buys are research-based and data-driven.

Some representative clients include:
  • Regional network of hospitals and urgent care clinics — Spot TV, cable, radio, newspaper, local magazines, out-of-home, business-to-business print.
  • Big 10 university — Spot TV, radio, newspaper, out-of-home, business-to-business print, Internet.
  • Medical device manufacturer — Network, syndicated & spot TV; radio; newspaper; national magazines.
  • Regional credit union — Spot TV, cable, radio, newspaper, local magazines, business-to-business print, Internet.

Operating Principles

Of course our clients and agency partners choose us, but we also choose them. We share common beliefs that we succeed together by understanding customer needs, and serving them with integrity, fairness, and responsiveness. We also believe that success is built on trusted relationships. Our largest clients have been with us an average of six years or more, enabling us to learn their markets, and understand their customers.


The Liechty Advantage

  • The work of Liechty Media pays for itself by measurably improving the value of your media spending.
    • Most major media deduct a 15 percent commission from their rates when ads are placed by a media buying service or agency.
    • Outright media costs are reduced through effective negotiation and long range planning.
    • Increased delivery — making sure your advertising reaches the maximum target audience.
    • Post-buy auditing ensures the media delivers as ordered — which is to say, that you receive what you paid for.
  • Working with Liechty Media for media planning and buying frees you to concentrate your time and energy on what you know best: running your business.
    • We'll develop a strategic annual media plan, with placement on a monthly, quarterly or annual basis, so you can project activity and budgets with confidence.
    • You can deflect time-consuming media sales calls by referring them to our expert team.
    • By managing your paid advertising through Liechty Media, you're better able to assure objectivity with the media for public relations issues.
  • We have the right tools to do the job. The cost of those tools is defrayed across multiple clients, allowing us to serve up value right alongside our strategic thinking.
    • SmartPlus and PrintPlus buying systems from MRP (an Arbitron company).
    • Electronic subscriptions to Nielsen and Arbitron ratings services.
    • Spot Quotations & Data (SQAD) media cost forecasting software and reports.
    • Standard Rate & Data Service (SRDS) print media resources.
    • RetailDirect from Arbitron, which provides more than 30 major categories of consumer, media and retail behavior. RetailDirect is used to profile consumers by the products they buy, the stores they shop at and the media they use.
    • The Media Audit, qualitative audience survey covers socioeconomic characteristics, lifestyles, business decision-makers, retail and brand shopping habits, travel history, health insurance coverage, leisure activities, banks used, credit cards used and other selected consumer characteristics.
    • The Lifestyle Market Analyst from SRDS & Equifax, provides demographic, lifestyle and consumer segment profiles for all 210 DMAs.
    • Ad*Views Rapid Response system for competitive advertising intelligence reporting and analysis from Nielsen Media Research.
    • Access to Scarborough Qualitap qualitative research databases from Arbitron.
    • BPA, ABC & Verified print circulation audits.
  • Liechty Media has the right experience. Your advertising budget represents an important investment, so it only makes sense to spend wisely.
    • A breadth of knowledge from our diverse client list. This lends perspective and negotiating leverage that cannot be achieved effectively from a single vertical business or industry.
    • An understanding of the role of each advertising medium and how to achieve an optimal media mix.
    • The skills and resources to evaluate the audience size and delivery of each medium.
    • The knowledge and tools to determine appropriate costs for each medium in any given market.
    • Negotiation skills specific to the media industry.
  • The services we provide are flexible and encompassing.
    • Review your marketing plan — Defining target audiences, objectives, strategies and tactics necessary to develop a strategic media plan.
    • Planning — Goal-setting, budgeting, scheduling, media mix, length/size of ad units.
    • Research — Identification of targeted media and audience trends; analysis of circulation, readership and targeted cost efficiencies (print); projection of ratings and delivery (broadcast).
    • Negotiating — For cost, position, bonus spots, value-added opportunities, etc.
    • Buying — Placement; securing the most efficient time and space.
    • Trafficking — Assuring that your ad materials meet designated specifications, and that they’re in the media's hands within schedule deadlines; coordinate proper rotation of different ads within your advertising schedule.